P2P network
for secured loans

Check available orders
desctop mobile
Audited by Coinspect
Prepared to cross-chain
Based on Ethereum
Earn interest
by lending
Find someone to “rent” your crypto assets on your terms. Your collateral is held safely by a smart contract as an escrow agent.
Borrow assets to trade
in crypto market
Get liquid assets you need without selling long‑term holdings to go short, invest into ICOs or use assets in other trades.

Borrow and lend in a safe and transparent way

Keep exclusive assets control
All private keys are held by client-side applications. Nitrogen does not have access to users’ assets.
Trade the way you want
You define all the deal terms, not us.
Collaborate with counterparty directly.
Protect a loan
Your loan is always secured with collateral
which you would get in case of borrower's
default or critical level of collateralization.
Be flexible in your trading
Use partial matching mode to make an order available for many users, so they could split an order.
Sign up and connect
an account
to your Metamask
Browse active orders
and find an order
that matches your
Create your own
order with simple
setting process.
Manage your trades and
orders, collaborate with
counterparty to change
trade conditions.